The Most Passive-Aggressive Way To Save Children Using Elizabeth Banks I Have Ever Seen

CollegeHumor teamed up with Malaria No More to make a bunch of celebrities do hilarious things to help bring attention to malaria. I've watched them all. They are way funny. However, you can only see the trailer and one of the videos here. Poor Elizabeth Banks.BONUS: All the proceeds from these videos go to give kids a full course of malaria treatments.

Here's the first one from Elizabeth Banks.

There is also one where you can make out with a supermodel, one where puppies are yelled at, one where that guy from "The Office" tells you that you are dumb, one where that other guy from "The Office" eats a sword sandwich, one where some way hilarious lady singers make fun of sexist idiots on the Internet, and Ron Swanson doing beat poetry about bacon. They are all amazing. Go look at them and help treat some kids who have malaria. And please, please, please, please, please, please share this? I'll owe you one.