Therapist gives hilarious advice on how to mess with your therapist.

A therapist on TikTok is wreaking havoc with his advice to clients, putting out information that could be detrimental to the mental health of therapists everywhere. OK, I'm being melodramatic, but from the comments, you can see he's at least giving them a few heart palpitations.

Jeff Guenther, who goes by Therapy Jeff on TikTok, is a licensed professional counselor (LPC) who not only owns a successful private practice and a therapist directory for clients called Therapy Den, he also creates content on TikTok. In one of his latest videos, his sense of humor is on display, which could be debated by those affected.

It's all in good fun, messing with his global colleagues by telling clients exactly how to prank them. Yup. A therapist is giving away the code on how to mess with your therapist in session and I have to say, as a therapist, my heart would skip a beat or four if a client did any of these things. But then, we would have a good laugh, so it seems like a pretty harmless prank.

In case you were unaware, your therapist probably has anxiety and if they don't, pulling this trick will likely induce it. Guenther tells his 2.4 million followers, "Three ways to mess with your therapist," before listing them off. The first one being to start the session with, "Well I did exactly what you told me to do," before telling his viewers to watch the therapist have an internal freak-out trying to remember what they told you to do. Come on, Jeff. That's just not nice.

Of course, therapists jumped into his comments immediately. One commenter said, "As a therapist myself, please don't do this lol," complete with a nervous smiling emoji. Another therapist chimed in with, "I am a psychologist. I would CRUMBLE." While many comments were fully in support of these hijinks, one person replied, "Sir, my therapist is trying to help me. Only one of use can be unhinged…"

Guenther is clearly trying to create a situation where the client is reminding the therapist how to handle an anxiety attack. Check out his other ways to cause your therapist to panic, below: