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A newly single mom gets inspiring life advice from an internet 'Bubbie' who's been there

'Take care of yourself first. When you take care of yourself, you can take care of your kid.'

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A newly single mom gets inspiring life advice from an internet grandma.

Becoming a single mom isn't easy, especially if it's unexpected and you feel wholly unprepared. Recently, a newly single mom posted a tearful plea on TikTok asking for advice on how to navigate her new life. But she wasn't without advice long, "TikTok Bubbie" stitched the video and responded explaining how she survived as an unexpectedly single mom in 1989.

The video was sweet and full of inspiration for single parents starting their journey. In the beginning of the video she explained that her ex-husband left her when her son was 4 years old and took all the money out of the bank account. Being suddenly single caused her to have to give up her acting career.

The internet Bubbie went on to tell the young mom, "I got furniture from the Salvation Army. That's right, I got secondhand furniture. Secondhand clothes for me, my son never. He always was first in my book and still is to this day." TikTok Bubbie wasn't done, she made a second video to expand on her advice.

Navigating single parenthood usually means making sacrifices to make ends meet and dealing with loneliness. People don't always understand the journey, and friends may come around less. Having a veteran mom that's been there before you can be helpful and be just the push you need to keep moving forward.


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In the second video addressed to single parents, Bubbie advised, "Take care of yourself first. When you take care of yourself, you can take care of your kid." There was even some dating advice thrown in. Watch that sweet clip below.


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Chef broke cycle of "miserable leadership."

Anyone who's worked in a restaurant will know how intense it can be, especially in the kitchen. It’s hot, the cooks are stressed, someone’s always yelling about something and dishes, well, sometimes they end up broken. In upscale restaurants the pressure is even higher, so when this chef began to explain how he turned his kitchen around to be more harmonious and less chaotic, I stopped to listen.

In this short two-minute video, Chef Eric Ripert, who was trained in France, explains the toxic and abusive training he received that molded the way he worked. When he was in charge of his current restaurant, he simply repeated the abusive pattern. He tells Entrepreneur that he had been yelled at, had dishes thrown to the floor and was even punched in the shoulder. While Ripert says he has never physically assaulted his staff, he did admit to being verbally abusive and throwing dishes. He also noted that not only was his staff miserable but he was as well, and something had to change.

Coming to the realization that misery indeed enjoyed company, he decided to turn things around. No more yelling and certainly no more throwing dishes in the kitchen that he ran. Ripert leaned into kindness and patience to reach a place of mutual respect with the other staff. The new system isn’t perfect because people are human, and in a high stress environment, tempers can flare. But Ripert has a solution for those human moments: apologies.

We could all learn a thing or two from this chef’s transformation and surely his kitchen staff is thankful for the shift in environment.

Two childhood best friends were reunited after three years apart

Eleven-year-old best friends Stevie and Owen hadn't seen each other since 2019, after Owen's family moved from Chicago to Missouri. Despite several phone calls and FaceTime video game sessions, COVID-19 had made keeping in touch difficult.

But their luck was destined to change last Friday. Stevie Stroud had no idea that after being picked up early from a bad day at school, his friend Owen would be waiting in the car to pay him a special visit.

A heartwarming video of their reunion has been spreading smiles, and a few tears, across the internet. If you're in need of an extra dose of sweetness today, you're in luck.

In the video, Stevie approaches the car, backpack and basketball in hand. On seeing his friend in the back seat, he is filled with excitement.

"What are you doing?" he asks. The basketball drops and tears fall. Stevie lets out a wail as his head falls into Owen's arms.

"What are you doing here?" Stevie asks again, sniffling. "I don't know, what am I doing here? I'm visiting you in Chicago, that's what I'm doing here," Owen replies. Clearly, Owen is the jokester of the two.

As Owen pats his shoulder, Stevie says, "You just made my day. I've had the worst day ever."

The cries turn into laughter as Stevie hops in the car next to his pal. And the clip ends with Stevie saying "I think I'm dreaming."

Seeing these two young boys express their love for one another so purely and freely is definitely worth a view, so it's no wonder the video has now gone viral.