Woman goes to huge lengths to adopt husband's ex-wife's baby to save him from foster care

She had lived in foster care and didn't want it for the newborn with no name.

Christie Werts and her son, Levi

Christie and Wesley Werts have taken the idea of a blended family to the next level. When the couple fell in love five years ago and married, they brought together her children, Megan and Vance, and his children, Austin and Dakota.

As of January, the Ohio family has five children after adopting young Levi, 2. Levi is the son of Wesley’s ex-wife, who passed away four days after the child was born. The ex-wife had the boy prematurely, at 33 weeks, and died soon after from drug addiction and complications of COVID-19.

When Levi was born, he was a ward of the state with no first name or birth certificate.

“When I heard about Levi, without hesitation, I said we should take him,” Christie said, according to The Daily Mail, and her reason went far beyond the fact that the child was the half-brother to two of her recently adopted children. “I myself was a foster kid and, although for the most part, I had a great experience, I did not want him going to foster care,” Christie said.


Replying to @Journey♥️ Yes, they will always know of her and ill be there for every emotion good or bad. But im also mom, ive been to every game, every doctors appt, sat with them if they needed an ear loved unconditional . I am mom also. #adoption #srorytime #siblings #foryou #loveislove

Before the family knew of Levi’s birth, Christie had a recurring dream about a blue-eyed, blonde-haired boy.

"Before Levi, we had wanted to try to have a child of our own," she told Newsweek. "I'm in my forties, so we knew that we would probably need fertility treatment, so I thought let's just think about it and what will be will be."

The problem was that Levi was in Texas, so the family sold their house and moved to the Lone Star State to go through the arduous adoption process. The situation was further complicated because Levi’s biological father had parental rights even though he had substance abuse problems. The family couldn’t move out of Texas until his rights were legally terminated.

But after a 16-month process, in January 2023, Levi became a legal family member. Christie understands that adopting her husband’s ex-wife’s baby may seem unusual to some people. "It's a lot to process for a lot of people, but honestly, it seems a lot crazier than it was. At the time, it just made sense," she said.


Our adoption is official !!! after 17 months!!! #adoption #son #loveyou #ourstory#foryou #fyp

Even though Christie knew in her heart that she must adopt Levi, she wasn’t without reservations. “'If I said I did not [have concerns beforehand], that would not be honest,” she told The Daily Mail. “This was different—I was going to walk into a child I never met and was worried the circumstances would hinder this instant love. But [...] he stole my heart. I also felt this intense need to protect him.”

These days, Levi fits right in with the family, and the rest of the kids are happy to be back to living an everyday life without any caseworkers or inspections.

“He's great, he is the king of the house! We are all very close. He won't understand the journey right now, but someday, I will let him know we fought for him!” Christie said.

This article originally appeared on 8.31.23


Infant surrendered to Florida's Safe Haven Baby Box adopted by the firefighter who found her

“I picked her up and held her. We locked eyes, and that was it. I’ve loved her ever since that moment.”


Zoey is one of 31 babies safely surrendered to Safe Haven Baby Boxes.

Back in January of 2023, Florida's only Safe Haven Baby Box located outside the Ocala Fire Department received its first surrendered newborn after being installed in 2020.

It was 2:00 a.m. when a firefighter pulling an overnight shift at the station heard the alarm go off signaling that a child had been surrendered.

The moment that firefighter, who wishes to remain anonymous to protect his family's privacy, picked up the infant wrapped up in her pink blanket, something inside of him knew she should be his daughter.

“I picked her up and held her. We locked eyes, and that was it. I’ve loved her ever since that moment,” he told TODAY.

Having a child was something the firefighter and his wife had been striving for for over a decade. Knowing his spouse would also be thrilled at the chance to bring the baby girl into their family, he decided to leave a note explaining that they were trained and registered to adopt as he dropped her off at the hospital.

Then he broke the news to his wife, who immediately began crying in anticipation.

“I was like, ‘Don’t get too excited yet,’” he told TODAY, fearing that the note would be lost, taking their hopes along with it.

However, after a few “stressful” days, the couple was able to take the baby home. Finally, in April, they adopted her and named her Zoey.

Zoey is one of 31 babies that have been safely surrendered to a Safe Haven Baby Box. Child abandonment is a desperate measure taken for many reasons including but not limited to financial hardship, mental health struggles, the child being conceived through rape and fear of prosecution due to a misunderstanding of the Safe Haven Law.

With 148 Safe Haven Baby Boxes across the United States, mothers are able to find support while maintaining anonymity.

In turn, Safe Haven Baby Boxes also ensure babies like Zoey don’t have to face horrendous life-threatening situations and can instead be matched with families that can properly care for them. Monica Kelsey, Safe Haven Founder, shared with CBS Miami that 2023 had actually been a record year for safe surrenders and that Zoey is just further proof that the boxes “are working and are needed.”


Young boy in adoption case makes incredible statement after judge asks for last words

His words at the end of the proceedings showed the true bond between mother and son.

via Pixabay

Boy's heartfelt words touch everyone in adoption hearing.

The adoption proceedings in the courtroom may have made Jennifer Hubby 5-year-old Cameron’s legal mother. But his words at the end of the proceedings showed the true bond between mother and son.

According to USA Today, at the end of an adoption hearing in Bernalillo, New Mexico, Judge Cheryl H. Johnston asked if anyone had any final words. Cameron shocked everyone when he spoke up. "I wanted to say that I love my mom so much and that’s she the best mom I ever had," the boy told the judge.

The boy's heartfelt words made Jennifer emotional so Cameron put his arms around her in a loving show of support. The touching moment was caught on camera by Milly Davies, Jennifer’s best friend who can be heard welling up as she films the magic moment.

It was the perfect encapsulation of what it means for mother and son to be united through adoption.

"I'll never forget it," Jennifer told Good Morning America. "The judge asked if we had anything to state for the record, and that's when we turned the camera on and I said a little something that was really not moving at all. I was just nervous and wanted to see the final decree and Cameron, I think he looked at me and he said, he whispered, 'Can I say something?'"

It was incredibly brave of the boy to speak up in such an intimidating setting for a child.

"He said, 'I love my mom so much.' And then I started to cry," Jennifer recalled. "You can see my head dip. And then he turned to me and held me … it was super emotional. And you can hear people tearing up, and you can hear the judge respond and she goes, 'Oh, my gosh,' and then she had her own little words of encouragement for Cameron."

"Well, you know what. It's important to tell people you love them and they care about you," Judge Johnston told Cameron. “And so you're a lucky guy. I'm glad you love them. That's what we're supposed to be doing. It's a good thing."

The moment was a long time coming for Jennifer who has been in the boy's life as his stepmother since he was born. She adopted Cameron because she wanted to be sure that she was his legal mom in case something happened to her wife, Cameron’s biological mother, Kim Hubby.

The family had to wait for Jennifer to adopt Cameron because adoptions are time-consuming and expensive. According to Child Welfare, the average domestic adoption in America can cost between $25,000 and $45,000. As of 2020, 117,470 children are waiting to be adopted in the U.S.

It took years for the Hubbys to plan the adoption and the process took six months.

Cameron's brave words in court and Jennifer's emotional reaction shows the true beauty of families being brought closer through adoption. One hopes that someday, the process will become easier and more affordable so more people can experience this joy.

Toddler's sweet reaction to finding out her mom was adopted.

Adoption can be a tricky topic, especially if you're the one having to break the news to someone else. It's a process that can bring families together but sometimes there's not a sweet story to tell about the adoptee's birth parents. The most people can do is work with the situation they were given and strive to make the best out of it. When one mom, Emily on TikTok, explained to her daughter that "Mimi" was her adoptive mom, the toddler's reaction was so pure it will melt your heart.

In the short video you can see the mom pause when her daughter inquires, "Why is Mimi your mom?" It was as if Emily was quickly deciding if she would give a generic answer or tell her daughter the truth. She landed on telling the truth. She looks down at her daughter and says, "I was adopted actually." You can hear the girl process what her mother was saying and with a tiny voice she asks why, before Emily tells her, matter of factly, "Because my mom didn't want me." The response from her daughter is so sweet that Emily captioned the video with "My heart will never be the same. She's healed so much of my inner child for me🥹"

In 2019, more than 64,000 children were adopted in America. Emily sharing that she was adopted with her daughter and then with millions of TikTok users is a way to start a conversation about what adoption means and how different it can look for different people. The interaction is so sweet, it's unclear how anyone would be able to keep a dry eye. Watch it below.


My heart will never be the same. She’s healed so much of my inner child for me🥹