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funny video

Jack Black does impression of The Rock.

I don't know what it is about impersonations that are so fascinating to people but they're often hilarious, and Jack Black impersonating The Rock does not disappoint. From the 2018 clip you can't tell what prompted the impersonation but "Screen Junkies" interviewer looks to Black and asks him about his workout routine as if he's Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

The comedian adjusts himself in his seat and doesn't break character the entire time and somehow the interviewer is able to maintain a serious face throughout the process. Kevin Hart and the actual Dwayne Johnson cannot keep it together while Black does his impression of his co-star.

Black obviously knows the workout routine of the 6-foot, 5-inch muscular Black Samoan demigod and it starts out with 27,000 rip curls at 5 a.m. At least, that's the "School of Rock" alum's best guesstimate, and judging by Johnson's size, that seems about right.

But his ribbing of his co-star didn't stop there. As Johnson and Hart are practically wheezing with laughter, Black continues with his impersonation adding in Johnson's philosophy on life. If you're curious about that, it involves blood, sweat, tears and sucking life deep.

Yeah, I don't know what that means either but you should check out the video below because it's pretty impressive and might just brighten your day.

This article originally appeared on 10.22.22

Representative photos by Elena Safonova and Mikhail Nilov|Canva

Man makes hilariously realistic song about medical insurance

Navigating the American healthcare system can give you a rage induced headache. Between the monthly premiums, copays, coinsurances and deductibles, it's enough to make you feel like you're going to lose it. But then there's finding a doctor that's in network that can convince the insurance company that you actually need the procedure they want to do.

Tarek Ziad, frustrated with the process of trying to schedule with an ophthalmologist took to Instagram with an original song that he sang a cappella. The song has people howling with laughter while simultaneously commiserating with the struggle of navigating referrals for specialty visits.

According to the lyrics of the song, the man was told he needed to see an ophthalmologist so he called his insurance company to see who was in his network. Ziad sings that calling his insurance company was no help because he was then told that he needed to contact his medical group. But what's a medical group? It's like peeling back an onion.

Ziad sings, "so you go online and you look at all the ophthalmologists and you call them one by one and you go through 29 ophthalmologists and every single one either doesn't answer your call or they don't actually take your medical group. They say 'we've never heard of that medical group.'"

Commenters related to his struggle trying to get into the right kind of doctor, or any doctor at all working within the American health insurance system.

"The realest thing I've seen in a phat minute," one person says.

"God the database being out of date and/or simply inaccurate is so infuriating. 'oh, no, I don't take that insurance.' or 'I used to but I stopped years ago idk why they still loist[sic] me,'" another writes.

"You’re going places. Not the ophthalmologist, but places," someone jokes.

"Step aside star spangled banner, there’s a new national anthem," a commenter jokes.

All joking aside, there were doctors in the comments expressing their frustration and sorrow around insurance companies. One commenter says it was cheaper and faster for her to fly back to Morocco to see an ophthalmologist for eye surgery than having it done the the United States. Yikes. Hopefully, Ziad can get in to see the right doctor soon. Maybe his next viral hit will be about billing.


People can’t get enough of adorable 4-year-old playing all parts of 'Madea' skit

“This little baby’s pantomiming skills are better than some professionals.”

Screenshot shared with permission|Jordan Sunshine

People can't get enough of little boy's 'Madea' skit playing all parts

It's always amazing to see kids develop their talents through play. A lot of times kids move on quickly from one interest to another continuing to explore their interests while having fun. But every once in a while, parents discover not only a new talent that is suddenly unlocked, but one that they continue to be interested in beyond a fun few weeks.

One preschooler is taking the internet by storm with his incredible acting skills. Jordan Sunshine, who's only 4-years-old has racked up nearly 100K followers with the skits he does. In a recently uploaded video, Jordan pantomimed a skit from "Madea's Family Reunion, playing all the characters complete with outfit changes.

The video starts off as Jordan dressed as Nikki, who was played by a young KeKe Palmer in the film. Then comes Madea, also played by Jordan and Uncle Joe, sporting a white mustache with matching white hair.

The little boy's facial expressions and perfect lip-syncing to the audio makes for an entertaining few minutes. Commenters cannot get enough of the talent this kid displays at such a young age. With Jordan being so young with a longer Afro, commenters confuse him for a girl, but his mom assures people that he's a boy in a reply.

"This is amazing.. I can’t remember nothing and she got down," someone writes.

"These children are great with their acting skills," another says.

"This kid is phenomenally talented, mummy don't waste that talent please and thanks," one person advises.

"This little baby’s pantomiming skills are better than some professionals," someone praises.

Jordan definitely has an immense amount of talent for someone so little and his mom tells Upworthy, "he's always had a gift for acting." The best part is that he's having fun while he's doing it. Watch the him put his talent on display below.


Van Gogh and Kahlo might have had their critics, but nothing like this.

In a parody video titled “Museum-worthy,” renowned artists Vincent Van Gogh and Frida Kahlo must navigate the constant influx of “creative input” on their masterpieces from cheesy middlemen dressed in period garb and spouting marketing mumbo jumbo.

Even though the sketch was created to encourage professional creatives to enter a contest for the Association of Independent Commercial Producers (AICP), anyone who has had to deal with cringey corporate culture will get a kick out of it.

Van Gogh is informed that while “the client was super happy” with his “Starry Night” painting, they wanted it to make it a “sunny day” for a happier tone.

Also, his painting unfortunately failed a focus group since it did not make viewers “more comfortable about the plague.” So, of course, an influencer, aka Father Anton, is brought in “to break through and resonate with younger audiences.”

Meanwhile, Kahlo is told her unibrow is “too confrontational” and is politely asked to remove the monkey from her self portrait in favor of an animal that “scored higher on trust,” like a puppy.

Give it a watch below:

Triggered? You’re not alone. Just take a look at some of these comments gleaned from Youtube:

“The people who made this commercial really captured what its like to deal with these people. Especially the influencer part.”

“For me this really showed me how ridiculous corporate control and content-isation really is. We're so used to it that we don't think about it any more, but can be soul sucking.”

“Okay, I actually LOL'd at the end No lies detected, though.”

“This ad was BRILLIANT and so on POINT!”

“I love this…it also made me uncomfortable, as it’s just toooooooo relatable.”

Art is subjective, but it seems we can all agree that a) this ad hits the nail on the head, and b) we are ready for corporate cringe to be done, please and thank you.

By the way, if you want to see more of what happened during that focus group for “Starry Night,” you can check out an equally funny companion piece here.