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teacher impersonation

via Karen Cassady / Instagram

Actor-comedian Karen Cassady has made a name for herself on social media for her hilarious impersonations of teachers. A recent video she made is going viral because she perfectly nails the "sound effects," as she calls them, that every teacher seems to make.

The impersonation is so good that people swear they're immediately taken back to when they were in school.

To control an entire classroom full of kids, teachers rely heavily on non-verbal communication to control their students. Here, Cassady debuts a series of teacher sound effects that include, "The Cow," "The Car Alarm," "The Squirrel," The Car Start," The Haunted House," "The Waterfall," "The Alarm Clock, " and "The Ghost."

"I can not even get enough of this. Retired after 30 years in the classroom, and you make me miss it!" one fan wrote on Instagram.

"Soooooo accurate! If I close my eyes I'm in Jr High," another responded.

"All your videos make me realize that teacher's personality is the same all over the world, I'm from Spain and they're exactly that way!" a Spanish fan wrote.

Cassady followed the video up with a sequel where she debuts "The Matt McConaughey," "Accidental ASMR," and "The Horse."