Comedian's parody of interacting with her grown daughter is the most hilariously real thing

Most parents don't clear out their kids' rooms the moment they move out of the house. A lot of them leave their kids' former rooms somewhat intact in the event they don't adapt well to college, that new job doesn't work out or they have trouble with their new roommates.

For others, it's because they don't want to admit their children have grown up.

But at some point, parents will move on with their lives and get tired of looking at their kid's old stuff. So they can't wait to have them in their clutches so they can find out what they can throw out.

Comedian Ceara O'Sullivan captures this moment that a lot of families go through perfectly in a video she posted on TikTok called, "My mom entering my childhood bedroom at 7 am whenever i visit home."

O'Sullivan does such a great mom impersonation that it's universal. A lot of the commenters say that Ceara's mom is a lot like theirs, too.


Re-posting the OG Beth video this year. I hope we get a lot more chances to see our moms & put a cute cami under a work dress in 2021!!!!! #Bye2020

O'Sullivan made another video that captures a moment all young adult children go through with their mothers as well. In this video, mom makes her daughter follow her through the house while she picks up random items to give her.


Beth’s love language is gifts (of things she’s trying to get rid of) #comedy #mom #motherdaughter #millenials #Beth

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