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Nosh freaked when he found out they were going to see Safta and Boppa.

Eagerly anticipating a trip to the fun and doting grandparents' house is something we think of children doing, but one couple's doggo proves that visiting the "grandpawrents" is just as exciting.

In a TikTok video that's been viewed nearly 30 million times, dog owners Skylar and Deko are nearing the end of a 20-hour drive from Phoenix to Kansas City, Missouri. Their good doggo named Nosh, sits in the backseat, looking out the front window.

Suddenly, Skylar asks Nosh if he wants to go visit Safta and Boppa, the nicknames of his grandparents, and he immediately reacts. You can practically hear him say, "Whut? Grandma and Grandpa? Are you serious?!? OMG, I'm so excited I can hardly stand it!!! When are we gonna get there?!?" only it comes out as a series of squeals and whimpers and sneezy woofs of joy.

Seriously, what did Safta and Boppa do to earn this kind of reaction to their names being spoken?



The other video got a “sensitive content warning” because of the end… but why?? 😂 #repost #dogsofttiktok #dogs #australiancattledog #blueheeler #acd #heeler #cattledog

That flop for the belly rub immediately upon seeing Grandpa? And the "I'm so excited to see you I gotta pee" moment? Too much.

"He always reacts like this to his grandparents," Skylar told Newsweek, "whether it's been months or only a few hours since he has seen them last."

She said they waited until they were five minutes away to tell him, and he acted like this for the full five minutes until they arrived. It's no wonder they waited until they were almost there to tell Nosh where they were going. Can you imagine making him wait any longer?

Skylar shared another video that demonstrates the love between Nosh and his favorite people.


Anyone else’s dog love grandma and grandpa more than anyone else? 😂❤️ #blueheeler #australiancattledog #acd #dog #heeler #cattledog

In case you're wondering what kind of dog Nosh is, he's an Australian Cattle Dog, also known as a Blue Heeler. (A real-life Bluey, if you will.) You can see even more videos of his excitement over going to the grandparents' house on Skylar's TikTok channel here.

This article originally appeared on 12.16.23