Stella Artois

China. Spain. India. U.S.

These places are on different sides of the world, yet they're all dealing with water crises in some form: not enough water, not enough clean water, no way to actually get the water ... you get the idea.

Take a look at some of the facts for yourself:

And what little freshwater they have is dwindling.

I mean, are you seeing that green river?

Spain, too!? Oh my.

Fun fact: In 2014, California's drought was declared a state of emergency.

What's the point here? What's next? Step one is always awareness. When all you have to do to get clean water is pay a few bucks a month, turn on a tap, and WOOSH there it is ... it's far too easy to forget that so many people around the globe do not have that luxury.

So spread the word. Conserve. And be aware of the impact that your water use has on your region — and the globe.