¿Puedes Hablar El Lenguaje Del Amor?

Amigos, les presento a Charlie. Es muy joven, pero también es muy sabio. Escucha a lo que dice desde su corazón a3:54 y 7:09.

¿Puedes Hablar El Lenguaje Del Amor?
via Yosemite National Park / Facebook

A gut-wrenching story shared by a Yosemite park ranger shows why it's so important for people to be mindful of surrounding wildlife.

Yosemite is a 750,000-acre national park that occupies four separate counties in northern California.

Last week, the national park shared the first-hand account of a park ranger who took care of the body of a dead bear cub that was struck by a car. Sadly, the ranger says that it happens far too often in Yosemite. "I try to remember how many times I've done this now and, truthfully, I don't know. This is not what any of us signs up for, but it's a part of the job nonetheless," the ranger wrote.

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