People share 17 'completely original' life hacks that have improved their lives

You probably haven't heard these before.

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Here are 17 "completely original" life hacks.

Life hacks are tiny nuggets of wisdom that can make our daily lives easier and more enjoyable. They're clever shortcuts and ingenious solutions to everyday problems that we sometimes don’t realize are unique to us until we share them with others.

They can save us time, money and effort, all while adding a dash of fun and creativity to our routines.

At Upworthy, we love sharing life hacks to make our readers' lives a bit easier. We’ve done them on tips people wish they knew in their 20s, “simple but effective” life hacks, “life advice,” how to make your refrigerator smell better and even hacks that help you find a lost kid.

One would think that we’ve heard every hack known to man. However, a group of Redditors have come together to share the “completely original” life hacks they came up with and there are many new ones that we’ve never heard.

It all started when a Redditor with the username reddit_API_is_sh** posed an awkwardly-worded question to the AskReddit subforum: “What are some of your personal life hacks that you came up with yourself, not necessarily completely original?” The question received over 1,400 responses from folks with life hacks that can help people with nearly every phase of their lives, whether domestic responsibilities, education, or raising kids.

So here are 17 of the best “completely original” life hacks shared on Reddit.

1. Teach 'em Spanish

"If your child watches the same DVD over and over so many times that they know it by heart, switch the language and let them learn Spanish." — BulletDodger

2. Cleaning motivation

"When I don’t feel like cleaning, I put on a 'Watch Me Clean' show on YouTube, and somehow, within 10 minutes, I get up and start cleaning. I need to try that with exercising next." — Affectionate-Big5784

3. Friends are plants

"You really have to invest in friendships the older you get. The analogy of them being like a plant that needs watering is so true." — Wirsteve

4. Poo trick

"I put a little bit of tp in the toilet before number 2 to combat splashing." — TraditionalLadder473

5. Develop interests

"The best way for me to deal with loneliness is actually not to pursue platonic or romantic relationships actively, but to keep myself busy working on and developing my interests. (Additionally, it's important for me to do this both in a solitary and semi-social way - taking classes, joining groups, etc. However, I don't use these semi-social outlets to make friends per se, but as a way to just be around like-minded people.) I find actively pursuing relationships when I am in a state of loneliness stress is a recipe for bad outcomes. I always meet the best people when I am more at peace with my life. Also, one of the big perks of having a relatively slow social life is time for personal development and working on interests." — Zazzlekdazzle

6. Duvet hack

"No matter what size bed you have, get a duvet that’s at least one size bigger." — Meganetism

7. Memorization

"For upcoming exams that require memorization, I just read through the paper once in morning, noon, afternoon and evening. Don't try to forcefully remember; just read, maybe out loud if you can't focus. Over several days, the brain naturally remembers it effortlessly. This, of course, requires doing it ahead of the exams for at least 1 week; try to break the bad habit of studying rushed the night before the exam the next morning with this. Repetition is mother of all learnings." — Reddit_API_is_sh**

8. Shop satisfied

"Don't go to the supermarket hungry." — Posiotive_Judgement581

9. The night before

"Always set up your outfit, lunch, bag, keys, etc. the night before." — H3rata

10. Always show up

"Just show up. Whether for your job, your BF/GF, your sports team, your parents, or whatever. Just showing up, even if you're empty-handed, even if you can't play, even if you're not totally prepared for the meeting, just show up. Bailing on stuff and not being present is the worst thing you can do. Always show up." — Gottapeenow2

11. Be quiet

"Say less. People will over-explain and give you the advantage." — Arseblaster420

12. Why worry?

"I adopted a snippet of conversation from the movie, 'Bridge of Spies.' At three, separate points in the movie, there is this fragment between Hanks (the Lawyer) and Ryland (the Spy) (whose birthday is today, too):
Lawyer: You don't seem to be worried about «event».Spy (after a short pause): Would it help?
I like that. There's no point to getting your knickers in a twist over events you have no control over, cannot influence, etc.
My life is considerably more relaxed with that attitude." — DeeDee_Zee

13. Stay silent

"When someone says something outrageous (racist, mean, hurtful, whatever), do not respond at all. Go completely silent. Leave their comment hanging there like a fart. Let them marinate in what they just said." — jimstirlingssurgeon

"Repeat exactly what they’ve said out loud back to them. Say nothing else after. It gets them thinking. As a Black woman who recently moved to Australia, I’ve had to adopt this approach instead. It’s been a wonderful strategy." — kymikeobabe

14. Touch grass

"If you’re feeling sluggish or down in the dumps go for a walk or get out in nature, even if it’s the last thing you want to do." — Cherrycola250ml

15. No sugar in the AM

"Don’t start your day with sugar—it helps reduce cravings throughout the rest of your day, and your snacking will take a back seat. I think it’s spiking your glucose early that does it. Start with something savory and packed with protein." — Emotional_Camp_7681

16. Clean for 10

"Every morning I spend 10 minutes cleaning something before I go to work. Dishes we left to soak overnight, folding laundry we air dryed, organizing the coffee table. A little adds up to a lot." — k_lo970

17. Space heater

"In the winter, I put a small space heater in my bathroom and put it on only when I'm in the shower. When I get out, it is so pleasant in the room. No chills, no goosebumps. I can dry off and put on my lotion in comfort. It's glorious. If you want to do this, you have to make sure to buy a space heater that is designed for the bathroom and has one of those safety plugs." — lordmattimcauthon

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