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Need A Cheaper Option Than Your State School? Try Harvard. Seriously.

A little known fact: As states cut higher education funding out of their budgets, state universities are becoming MORE expensive than elite, private universities. But public perception hasn't caught up with the trend. What's going on here?

Need A Cheaper Option Than Your State School? Try Harvard. Seriously.

The annual Grapevine study of state spending on higher education finds that money allocated to state schools decreased by 7.6% this year — the largest decline in 50 years. The cuts varied from as little as 1% in Indiana to as much as 41% in New Hampshire because the federal money from the 2009 stimulus legislation is finally running out.

Please share this to raise awareness. And to all you cash-strapped aspiring college students — looks like your best bet might be to set your sights on Harvard!

via Cathy Pedrayes / Instagram

Sometimes the most innocuous question can give a predator all the information they need to stalk, harass, or assault a woman. That's why Instagram's "safety queen" Cathy Pedrayes has made a series of videos showing women the best times to lie to a stranger.

We've all been raised to tell the truth, but when it comes to being safe there's no reason we should feel compelled to give out personal information to a random stranger. Pedrayes' videos do a great job at not only showing women when to lie and but how to feel comfortable doing so.

Pedrayes originally started making videos about philosophy and being a "mom friend," but soon fell into making clips centered around safety because of her unique background.

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