Which Cities Will Be Completely Underwater In Less Than 100 Years?

This makes the term "rising sea levels" a lot more real. It looks like LA has less than 100 years, while San Francisco and lower Manhattan have less than 150 years. New Orleans and the rest of New York have about four centuries before they're gone.


Ever Wonder What The Clerk Is Thinking About YOU When You're Shopping At The Makeup Counter?

Over seven years, this actress watched women get their makeup done and observed what they said. This video is the result.

If you know someone who needs to hear this (and I think we all do!), please pass it on to them. We women need to stick together!


What happens when 3 black women ask people to touch their hair?

Watch as these women explain why the conversation they had during this unique art exhibit wasn't the conversation they wanted to have.


The Real Reason They Still Play 'Mrs. Robinson' On The Radio

Stations haven't been playing "Mrs. Robinson" for years just because everyone likes Simon & Garfunkel (although I really do love them!). It's because a huge percentage of stations' playlists match all across the country. So much for thinking that media exposes us to new and different ideas, eh?

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