It Looks Like He's Just Swimming Around, But Then We Zoom Out And I'm Breathless

It took 13 years to realize who was making these mysterious things. Not aliens. Not spirits. A little fish. And what can you say about someone who's willing to go 24/7 doing nothing but creating something so beautiful to get a girl’s attention?

Divers started finding lovely, strange patterns on the ocean floor.

And the debate started. Some people suggested ocean currents. Some went straight to the otherworldly. But very weird things. Each pattern lasted only a little while and then it was gone. Whatthe?

And then they started noticing some suspicious activity.

They watched, they waited, and, omigod, look what he does.

It turns out that it's been this kind of pufferfish all along, and he's been writing love letters in the sand.


We need healthy oceans, of course.

For our own well-being, true. But, just as much, think about all the amazing stories like this we wouldn't want to miss!

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