I'm Not A Conspiracy Theorist, But Learning About Movie Ratings Has Me Reaching For The Tin Foil

We've all seen those green screens with the movie ratings. Have you ever wondered how those are made? Maybe not. Which is why they're getting away with changing movies before we even see them to make sure they're "decent." Whaaaa?

You know: G, PG, PG-13, R, and NC -17?

Can you see the conspiracy coming together?

How do they know what "most parents" think?

Even information like their race, gender, religious affiliations, or number and age of children is kept completely secret. How do we know if they even represent "most parents"?

They can't even use movies with similar content as evidence for a different rating decision.

Some have even gamed the system by including over-the-top content that they never intended to be in the movie just so they could edit it down without losing too much of the original idea.

One director decided to try to pull back the curtain. Here's a bit of what he found.

It's astonishing, right?

You don't have to buy the movie to learn the details (though you totally should). Here's a podcast that goes deep into how Illuminati-times-Freemasons-to-the-Skull-and-Bones-power messed-up the MPAA really is (when you press play, you may hear a short ad. Grab some tin foil and your hat mold, then press play again to get the inside scoop):

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