If You Saw This At A Crosswalk, You'd Probably Not Want To Cross. Point Made.

We've all been there. The light just turned green, but you're certain you can make it across the crosswalk in time. This is, of course, extremely dangerous for you and people behind the wheel. This social experiment examines a more creative and fun way to keep people out of the crosswalk. Best of all? It actually works!

If You Saw This At A Crosswalk, You'd Probably Not Want To Cross. Point Made.
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When you've got places to go, waiting for the crosswalk can feel like an eternity.

Whoa! This guy is totally cutting it close. Look dude, I doubt you need to be anywhere that badly.

What if waiting for the light was more fun?

In an effort to make the streets a little safer, Smart did a really fun (and smart) social experiment. They created a dancing traffic light to distract people from jaywalking.

It worked so well that it stopped people in their tracks.

It even got some of them dancing!

But did the dancing traffic light really keep people from jaywalking?

Pretty cool, right? Even though this was just a social experiment, ya gotta hand it to the folks at Smart. This is fun, smart, and best of all, promotes safety. And it's a great example of thinking outside the box to make something fun and functional, which I can get behind.

Hopefully, someone will take note and bring the dancing traffic light to reality and keep our crosswalks a bit more fun (and a whole lot safer). Look both ways and be careful out there!

If this video brought a smile to your face and made you think a bit more about street safety, give it a share!

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