Heard of the ripple effect? These young people are proof that good can just keep growing.

"Throw your heart out in front of you and run ahead to catch it."

"My experience has made me appreciate the power of the ripple effect."

We've all experienced the ripple effect. You throw a pebble into a pond and then watch as that single small action creates wider and wider waves throughout the water. That one small pebble becomes the source of a much broader outcome.

In this inspiring speech, narrator Neha Gupta explains that one person, no matter how small, can effect widespread change in the same way as a small pebble in a pond. She and the other students featured in the video below are working to make the world a better place and encourage other youth to do the same.

"Convert your empathy into action and then let those actions ripple out."

When the small pebble you throw into a pond is actually an act of kindness, how far can the ripples go?

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Travelling during the holiday season can be a hectic experience. Airports are busy, people tend to be bogged down by extra extra luggage filled with gifts, and the weather is terrible so flight delays are common.

People can be stuck for hours in a terminal waiting for their flights, many of them alone as they travel to see family or make an end-of-the-year-business trip.

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For the first time since the annual holiday production began in 1954, the lead role of Marie in The New York City Ballet's production of "George Balanchine's The Nutcracker," is a black ballerina.

Eleven-year-old Charlotte Nebres, whose mother's family is from Trinidad and father's is from the Philippines, is a student at the School of American Ballet.

The leading role of the young heroine is known as Marie in the New York City Ballet's production, in others the young girl who dreams The Nutcracker to live is called Clara.

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Despite controversial-but-compelling evidence that homework takes time away from families with little to no appreciable benefit for students, kids continue to slog through hours of school work outside the time they spend in the classroom. And despite evidence that small acts of kindness can infect a community like a positive virus, far too many kids are on either the giving or receiving end of unkind bullying on a regular basis.

Perhaps that's why an elementary school in Ireland has decided to do something radical—ditch all homework for the month of December and assign kids "acts of kindness" instead.

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Brace yourselves, folks, because this is almost too friggin' adorable to handle.

A 911 call can be a scary thing, and an emergency call from a dad having chest pains and trouble breathing is no exception. But thankfully, an exchange between that dad's 5-year-old daughter and 911 dispatcher Jason Bonham turned out to be more humor than horror. If you missed hearing the recording that has repeatedly gone viral since 2010, you have to hear it now. It's perfectly timeless.

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