Fox News finally went off on Walmart for their shady practices. PSYCH.

This Fox News mash-up featuring Sean Hannity sheds a not-so-flattering light on how Walmart makes its millions. And while it's clearly pieced-together clips, it highlights a pretty glaring hypocrisy. In all of Hannity's contempt for working people and reverence for corporate giants like Walmart, he consistently fails to mention a few simple things:

#1: Corporations are the country's top welfare abusers.

And Walmart is one of the worst offenders.

#2: For all the billions of dollars companies like Walmart take from U.S. taxpayers, there's a huge trade-off.

And too often, it's the country's youth who stand to lose the most.

Take a look at the Fox News clip mash-up below, created by Walmart 1 Percent, and then ask yourself: Who are the real leeches on our economy?

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