For An Advanced Civilization, We’re Pretty Uncivilized About Food

It is possible for even the most wonderful person, who is trying so hard to be cool to the earth, to still have no clue about the environmental consequences of some very small actions. That person is me. And that small action you didn't know about (aka SAYDKA, pronounced 'sayd-kah' — and yes, I made up that acronym just now) is throwing away your extra food.It seemed harmless...

FACT CHECK TIME! The part about the 25% emissions from food waste is SO very very true. According to EPA's Food Waste Basics, wasted, thrown-away food accounts for over 20% of methane emissions.

Also, some sources state the percent of food wasted in the U.S. is as high as 40% (higher than the stated 31% in this infographic) — that data's from the NRDC's report, "Wasted."