Ellen thanks Ashton Kutcher for giving a great speech. His reply? A great speech.

Earlier this year, Ashton Kutcher gave a rousing speech to a bunch of screaming kids at the "Teen Choice Awards."

When Ellen brings it up in this interview, what does he do? Gah!

I refuse to be jealous of you, beautiful dude with your open heart and your intellect.

Living a simple and happy life, Chow Yun-fat plans to give his around $700 million fortune to charity, Hong Kong movie site Jayne Stars reported.

Chow Yun Fat was born in Lamma Island, Hong Kong, to a mother who was a cleaning lady and vegetable farmer, and a father who worked on a Shell Oil Company tanker. Chow grew up in a farming community, in a house with no electricity.

He would wake at dawn each morning to help his mother sell herbal jelly and Hakka tea-pudding on the streets; in the afternoons, he went to work in the fields.

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