Red Robin

There are many ways to describe yourself to others, but perhaps one of the more fun ways involves imagining what sort of food you’d be.

And not just any food — that iconic, often chargrilled staple of American cuisine everyone will be enjoying this summer. That’s right, friends: I’m talking about the burger.

Even though your first thought might be a traditional beef patty between two sesame-seed buns, the burger’s come a long way, especially in recent years. Today, a burger can really be anything, as long as it’s a hearty substance sandwiched between a carrier food, like bread, lettuce, or even cheese. Thanks to inventive chefs, burgers are as diverse as snowflakes, which, of course, makes them perfect personality assessors!

You might think you already know what burger best aligns with your personality simply based on which kind you like to eat, but that’s not what this test is about. It’s about looking at the many subtle levels that make you who you are and then imagining how that would translate into a tower of tastiness.

Ready to discover your inner burger? Awesome. Let’s get into it.

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