A Woman Who Struggles To Speak Tells You A Story That’ll Rock Your World

Meet Janice. She can be a little hard to hear, but herbeautiful message is easy to understand. Listen carefully to what she has to say, and I think you might fall inlove with her too.1:00 — Janice explains what a woman wants.2:00 — She sees an Italian Stallion in the dining hall.3:50 — The first kiss part is totally adorable.5:00 — What happens after summer camp ends?6:00 — Something she thought would never happen to her.7:30 — It's just a little white lie, all in the name of love!8:30 — I bet you'd be dying of anxiety, too, if this were you.9:20 — What does New Year's Eve with an Italian Stallion look like, anyway?11:00 — They get to be alone at last...12:00 — Here's what Janice really wants you to know.

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