A Mother-Daughter Movement That Literally Inspires The Pants Off People

I met these women about a year ago and thought they were doing radical work. I was excited to share their videos with you all, and based on how many went viral, you were excited too! Now they're kicking it up a notch, and I'm thrilled for them. See how they're turning a personal story of pain and struggle into a global movement for more healing, happiness, and freedom to let all our (so-called) freak flags fly.

What's underneath? Here's a few answers:

Buf first, pants off!

Embrace those cellulite ankles!

Remember, you can't buy beauty at a store.

Don't lose yourself.

Being different is a good thing.

Your body is your home.

You are enough — just as you are.

We've shared some videos from the "I Am What's Underneath" campaign before. If you're interested in seeing more, meet Jillian, Meredith, and Melanie.

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