A Kickstarter Project That Could Just Become The Biggest Ever

It won 26 Daytime Emmys and a Peabody and was shown in the living rooms of American families for 26 years. And guess what? "Reading Rainbow" is coming back, via the Internet. This is a Kickstarter campaign, likely to go down as the most successful ever. Originally, this project sought $1 million. After hitting that goal in 11 hours (!!), they decided to up the goal to $5 million. Looks like they'll hit that as well! This is a wonderful example of how crowdfunding can help make possible projects that can have a huge impact, especially in communities that have been hit by funding cuts to education.

After seeing the video of the everyday hero who called out the racist rant of Kelly Anne Wolfe, we should all go out and purchase a bicycle if there is even a chance we could become as cool as this guy.

The unnamed citizen was riding his bike through the streets of Toronto and came across a group of people eager to get out their message that no one needs to wear a mask. When they handed him a "face mask exempt" card, he calmly ripped it up.

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