A Girl Is Threatened With Rape In A Rap Battle, And So The Judge Steps In To Deliver His Own Verse

Set scene: A woman is on stage with her male opponent in an MC rap battle in London when all of a sudden the dude makes a rape threat. Not cool at all. The misogynistic dude tries to calm the crowd down as they look on in disgust. Then suddenly up pops visibly pissed-off BBC radio presenter Nihal, who decides to step in and rip into the rape-threat dude with his own, much better verse.I want to be clear on two points before you watch it: 1) The young woman didn't need him to step in, but I'm appreciating this as a "see something, say something" moment, and it's great to see that others have her back in such a hostile environment. 2) The fat-shaming in his verse isn't cool either, and I wish that wasn't in there, but I still appreciate this moment of solidarity and outrage.NSFW language NSFW language NSFW language.