A college dropout at 19, she had to start over completely. Boy, did she ever.

I actually had no idea Sen. Elizabeth Warren dropped out of school at 19 to start a family. Hear her thoughts on being a mom, starting over, and women trying "have it all."

Image (altered) by David Shankbone/Wikimedia Commons.

Here's the full quote from the interview, which I just *loved*:

"I grew up in a family that didn't have a lot, but I got a fighting chance. Partly it was about a public education system, a commuter college that cost $50 a semester ... the fact that my mom could work a minimum wage job at a time when that would help support a family and keep us above water. And I want to make sure that today families get that same kind of fighting chance ... kids get an education ... that people who work hard really will be able to earn a wage that will support a family. I want to see us all able to build a secure future — mostly so we can enjoy our time now, and our time with our children." — Sen. Elizabeth Warren


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