3 clever comebacks for truly terrible comments. You'll wanna grab a pen.

Why is it we always think of the best comebacks days after our most cringeworthy conversations? Well, thankfully, actress Claire Ayoub has a new series to help solve this problem. Whether it's a family member commenting on your weight, or a nosy stranger asking about your family planning, "A Series of Comebacks" is here to help you prepare for that next facepalm moment.

3 clever comebacks for truly terrible comments. You'll wanna grab a pen.
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Pssst! Since each episode is so short, I went ahead and embedded all three for you to enjoy. Just use the arrows on either side of the play button to scroll through the entire playlist.

Don't have time to watch the full series? No worries! Here are three of my favorite comebacks from the first three episodes of "A Series of Comebacks."

1. Next time a man says, "Women can't drive"

2. If someone asks, "Have you gained weight?"

3. When a nosy stranger asks, "Why haven't you had a baby yet?"

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