Why Waiters Only Make $2 An Hour, Explained By A Cartoon I Wish I Could Strangle

We've all had bad bosses, but the ones represented by this obnoxious cartoon man are like rotten hell babies.

Learn more about the tipped minimum wage here, then see how it's affecting people's lives here.

Check out this infographic to see what the National Restaurant Association — one of the most powerful lobbies in the U.S. — is all about.

And please remember to tip your servers!

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Candlelight, delicious food, a friendly warm atmosphere. Welcome to the National Restaurant Association where you will find happy workers making an average of $20.00 an a hour with a smile on their face . . .

Male: People always buy that line. Here at the National Restaurant Association, we're a lobbying powerhouse that's been fighting to keep the tip minimum wage at a hair over $2.00 for over 20 years. You see if you make any tips chances are wel'l pay you $2.13. Better work faster, toots.

Our grateful work force is mostly made up of well-scrubbed teens putting themselves through college.

Male: Ha! Whatever you do, don't tell the majority of restaurant workers are actually adult women, million with kids, and definitely don't tell them our tipped workers are on food stamps at double the rate of other workers.

Narrator: The National Restaurant Association is made up of proud small mom and pop diners, restaurants, and eateries with a wholesome commitment . . .

Male: If by my pap and mum you mean KFC, McDonald, Taco bell, Olive Garden and Red Lobster, then yes, we at the National Restaurant Association are mom and pop. Provided your pop is CEO of a restaurant chain making $10, $15, $20 million a year and your mom makes substantially less.

Narrator: So please, for the good of our associates, don't kill jobs by raising the minimum wage. It would have devastating impact . . .

Male: Ha! Don't kill my lobbying job by pointing out Washington State raised their minimum wage to the highest in the nation and saw restaurant payrolls climb 21%. We like it better when customers pay our employees more than we do and good old food stamps kick in a little more and don't get me started on paid sick days. Sick workers better show up for work just like healthy worker ones and if they do not, they are fired.

Narrator: So enjoy the delicious offerings of the National Restaurant Association, your partner in . . .

Male: Seasonal flu, dirty cheap wages, junk food, trans fat, and million and millions for our CEOs. Lobbying has never been more fun or delicious. Stay out of our kitchen goddamn it!

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Original by Mark Fiore for ROC United, a group working to get living wages and safe workplaces for restaurant workers. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter. See more of Mark Fiore's cartoons here.

Jul 22, 2014

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