The Terrifying Oncoming Reality They're Trying To Warn Us About Through One Funny Sketch

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In the first three months of 2014 alone, there were over 300 restrictions on reproductive health care introduced in 38 states. The consequences of not taking action are a lot less humorous than this video.

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Doctor: Hello, Diane. I'll be your doctor today.

Diane: Oh.

Doctor: Hey, who's that handsome looking guy, huh? So how old are you?

Diane: Thirty-two.

Doctor: You vote in this district, correct?

Diane: Sorry, where's my regular doctor?

Doctor: Ice cream? How would you describe your energy level? February or October? OK, now I need you to open up. How old did you say you are again?

Diane: Thirty-

Doctor: Well, I'm 90% sure you've got the bubonic plague, and I'm 10% sure of what I just said. So absolutely, you have the bubonic plague.

Female: Clearly, politicians don't belong in your doctor's office. But they are interfering with personal medical decisions by attacking reproductive health care. We can stop them. Click here to take action. Stand together for all of us.

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Original by ACLU. Published by Upworthy on our YouTube page. You can get involved here. And here's the source for the stat above.


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