Nice Try Banning This Advert, Rupert Murdoch, But Australia Can Watch It Here Instead

You may know Rupert Murdoch: He's the guy who owns a lot of media properties (*cough* Fox News *cough*) and often yields that media power to dangerously influence political elections with biased coverage.

As a British girl who campaigned against Murdoch's media control in England, what's happening in Australia looks awfully familiar. Watch this advert and ask yourself: Why would he try to ban an advert like this unless he was worried it was telling the truth?


ORIGINAL: By the awesome campaigners at Get Up Australia.

Side note from Upworthy's Roz: Hi all. Whatever the election outcome in Australia, this video serves as a reminder to not let Murdoch have any media control in your political system. Hey Americans and Brits: This is a reminder to you, too.


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