Here's One Wedding They Actually Want You To Crash, And For Good Reason

Gabe Stein Curator:

I don't usually crash weddings, but this sounds like a good one to try it on. Why? He explains what's so important about this particular one at 1:30, but don't feel the need to skip any of the hilarity before then.

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Man: A wedding is a couples most important beautiful day and it's an honor to share in it. That's why I'm here to show you six simple steps to crash women's styles.

Step one, choose a character and commit. When you're not invited it's important that you look the part. It could be black tie, or casual. Or, you could be Owen Wilson, "Hey nice to meet you, wow."

Step two, find your way in. Now, that you're ready it's time to make your grand entrance. By sneaking in with the band. Or, you could execute a classic Trojan Horse maneuver. Or, create a diversion. Is that Ryan Gosling? So, you can burn the evidence. Oh no the setting cards are on fire.

Step three, fake it the bolder you are the better. Hey, congratulations you're haven't seen me since Shanghai Knights, also Marley & Me. I played me in Marley & Me but not in You, Me and Depree that one I was Depree. I guess it's always sort of me.

Step four, dance break.

Step five, divert, distract. When in doubt start a dance. Did I light the setting cards on fire? Conga line.

Step six, the last and finally step to guarantee your way into the party.

Or, if you want an easier way to crash the party just sign our quest book here. By doing so you stand up for marriage equality and get the chance to win a trip to New York City to crash my big gay, illegal wedding reception. Where five same sex couples will celebrate their weddings and the love and commitment they share.

Because there's more to weddings then appetizers, free booze and Owen Wilson. Marriage is a bond that gives you the right to see your partner in the hospital. Be equally recognized as a parent. And, last but not least it's a recognition of the love that two people share.

Woman: I'm sorry how do we know you?

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Video by the ACLU. Enter the Big Gay Illegal Wedding contest on their website for a chance to win free tickets to crash the party May 19, 2014, in New York City. Maybe I'll see you there? Just ask for "Owen Wilson."

May 06, 2014

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