A Story We All Need To Hear From Compton On The Art Of Peer Pressure

I was really moved by this gorgeously filmed and very human take on what can happen when our choices are between bad and even worse. This is just one dude talking, but he puts a much-needed face on crime and its aftermath. At 5:34, the story takes a stomach-sinking turn. And from there to the end, we hear what regret really sounds like.

(There's some NSFW language, but don't let that stop you from watching.)

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Narrator: This is when I knew I was fucked [laughs], they took me to a little sub station over off of Wimbelton that used to be a fire station. When I walked in that motherfucker...I saw the camera on my house...the camera on my shop...the camera on my dope house. You know what I'm saying? Then they had me on the chart, like the mafia. I'm at the top of the chart, motherfuckers coming down like this [gestures]....you know, and then when I saw all that.....I'm like, "It's over, I know I know i'm fucked".

Before I even started gang banging, I was fascinated, you know, by the gangster shit. When I first started I was eleven. I didn't want to hang with the homies my age. So, I had to step my game up, put my work in and do what I had to do to get recognized by the big homies, so they could be like, "Yeah, that's a down little motherfucker he gone kick it with us".

The feeling I first got when I got in a low rider was unbelievable man. I didn't even...You know what i'm saying...I couldn't believe it, just the way that the car moved and the way it just....That's a hell of a feeling man. Especially when you got the oldies playing, you got the music up. Ain't nothing like it....

Motherfuckers been pillow talking and some more shit. You know what I'm saying, so, I'm telling you now homie....I already know who has been doing what, I'm just giving it a pass just this one time. If I find out any other mothers going around telling our club business, we might not have nothing but 6 members. And that's real.

Gangster: Hey man, who pillow talking? That's all I want to know.

Gangster: I wasn't pillow talking.

Gangster: They ain't 'bout to say who was pillow talking, so that's a waste of time.

Narrator: I love low riding, you know what I'm saying. I don't give a fuck if I live to be 120, i'ma be on the passenger seat of one of my great, great grand kids while he driving. Ain't nothing like low riding, I have spent at least, shit I probably done spent a million dollars man. Yeah it was worth it, because that's what I love. Anytime you're doing something you love, it's got to be worth it.

The link between cars and the gang culture...That's from day one....Low riding was an escape for gang members because it was something else to do. You weren't just hanging around the neighborhood or going in somebody's neighborhood looking for somebody to shoot or beat up. It was a relief...you could have fun and do something else.

When crack cocaine came in, that's what fucked up all the neighborhoods. I was selling cocaine like a motherfucker then, but I didn't realize the effects that the cocaine was doing to the people in the neighborhood. I feel bad as a motherfucker right now when I look back and see that I was apart of fucking up the neighborhood that I say I love. We ain't never have money like that before. When you can sit up in a house, and make thirty-thousand dollars in an hour. Got all the fucking pussy you want in the world. That was, unheard of for us so, we didn't understand what the fuck we were doing. That's when all the big guns came into play, because before then we weren't doing any drive-by's. If we saw a motherfucker that we were trying to get, we are going to run up on him and shoot his ass. I ain't never shot in no house in my life....That's something that I refuse to do, because the people in the house ain't got nothing to do with, if me and you got a beef. If me and you got a beef, I was gone try to catch your ass and get you....If I see you at a store and you're with your mother, or you're with your girl or you're with your kids...I wouldn't even do nothing, I was just look at you and shake my head and you would know motherfucker...I'm giving you a pass cause you with your people and they ain't got nothing to do with it. We have rules to this shit.

When I got busted, I had my little son with me and at the time he was four years old. They didn't have to arrest me in front of my son. That's why I would be like fuck'em...Cause I used to say,"You know what? I'd rather be in fucking jail, than broke". Fuck That! And when I was a motherfucker sitting in that fucker, I was like,"Shit". I was out of my fucking mind. I'd give all that shit away to be out there with my son. Every fucking thing I am, the low riders, everything I would have gave it all away just to be back their with my son, cause that was my little man.

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"Baby Gangster" is an Arts & Sciences film by Luke Monaghan. Visit his Tumblr to see more of his impressive work.

May 20, 2014

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