Wow, The Newest Anti-Gay-Marriage Arguments Are Getting Even Crazier

It really feels like anti-gay-marriage arguments have been circling the drain for the past few years, and David Pakman's interview with a former Navy chaplain only further proves that point. From delusional polling data at 1:27, to an argument about the religious importance of biology at 4:49, to a ridiculous "three women and a dog" comment at 6:21 ... it really seems like nothing substantive stands between gay marriage and legalization in the United States. For a bonus, stick around until 7:48 to hear the only way to become a homosexual ... according to this interviewee.

Wow, The Newest Anti-Gay-Marriage Arguments Are Getting Even Crazier

A young boy tried to grab the Pope's skull cap

A boy of about 10-years-old with a mental disability stole the show at Pope Francis' weekly general audience on Wednesday at the Vatican auditorium. In front of an audience of thousands the boy walked past security and onto the stage while priests delivered prayers and introductory speeches.

The boy, later identified as Paolo, Jr., greeted the pope by shaking his hand and when it was clear that he had no intention of leaving, the pontiff asked Monsignor Leonardo Sapienza, the head of protocol, to let the boy borrow his chair.

The boy's activity on the stage was clearly a breach of Vatican protocol but Pope Francis didn't seem to be bothered one bit. He looked at the child with a sense of joy and wasn't even disturbed when he repeatedly motioned that he wanted to remove his skull cap.

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