Why Is Jon Stewart Wielding A Gun On Television? Oh, Right. Fox News.

"The Daily Show" went on hiatus immediately following the tragedy at Sandy Hook. That means Jon Stewart had four weeks to get angry about all the insane things some opponents to gun control have been saying, many of them on live television. Have I mentioned he's angry? He's very angry. You won't like Jon Stewart when he's angry. (Actually, you probably will.) Ah, sanity. After watching that clip of noted crazy person Alex Jones shouting at Piers Morgan (which, shockingly, aired on CNN and not Fox News), I needed this. 

Why Is Jon Stewart Wielding A Gun On Television? Oh, Right. Fox News.

Scapegoat Hunter: Part 1

Highlights: At 3:08 he makes a great point about what part of our culture we should look at when we talk about media influencing violent behavior, at 4:00 you'll see where the headline for this post came from, and from 5:40 onward, get ready to facepalm right along with him. 

Scapegoat Hunter: Part 2

Highlights: At :36, he asks the perfect question, at 3:46 the "Bourne" film franchise is improved with help from Woody Allen, at 4:23 there are no bad ideas except maybe these two, at 5:32, as promised, he gets very angry, and then, finally, at 6:44, he gets to the bottom of this whole problem: imaginary Hitler. 

When the COVID-19 pandemic socially distanced the world and pushed off the 2020 Olympics, we knew the games weren't going to be the same. The fact that they're even happening this year is a miracle, but without spectators and the usual hustle and bustle surrounding the events, it definitely feels different.

But it's not just the games themselves that have changed. The coverage of the Olympics has changed as well, including the unexpected addition of un-expert, uncensored commentary from comedian Kevin Hart and rapper Snoop Dogg on NBC's Peacock.

In the topsy-turvy world we're currently living in, it's both a refreshing and hilarious addition to the Olympic lineup.

Just watch this clip of them narrating an equestrian event. (Language warning if you've got kiddos nearby. The first video is bleeped, but the others aren't.)

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