Why Do All The Girls Who Save The Day Only Look A Certain Way?

I think it's so great that young adult novels with leading women are being made into successful, entertaining films for teenage theatergoers. We're starting to see these movie heroines as much as movies with The Rock, Vin Diesel, or The Rock AND Vin Diesel. While I'm loving the uptick in ass-kicking of the female variety, it makes me wonder where the variety is — for instance, why does a dystopian future only involve two to three black people? Was there some worldwide racist disease? If there was, it must have been called the Hollywood Producer virus...

The point I was trying to make by sharing this (admittedly, pretty innacurate plot-wise) infographic was to highlight the most glaring similarity here:

All of these heroines are thin and all of these women are white. Do you have to be Vogue's idea of a gorgeous woman in order to save the world?