Five Gen X values from the ’90s that can save today’s world

We're bringing "whatever" back.

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A mix tape from 1992.

A few weeks ago I came across an article about a kid who watches television at 1.5x speed so he can cram as much viewing in as he can. It seemed that his unquenchable desire to get through shows in the Golden Age of television meant he’d sacrifice the entertainment value of the show just to get to the end.

“Man, this guy would have been crucified in 1993,” I thought.

As a 45-year-old card-carrying member of Generation X (those born between 1965 and 1979), I remembered a time when nobody bragged about the amount of TV they watched. In fact, they bragged about not owning a TV. “I don't watch TV, man,” people would say. “It only exists to sell you stuff.”

This complete reversal on the social acceptance of gluttonous TV viewing made me wonder what happened to the values we were raised on as Gen Xers? We were taught that sincerity was for simpletons, everything corporate is evil, old school is always better than the latest and greatest, authenticity is king, conformity is death and there is nothing worse than being a sell-out or a poser.

Nobody would have ever referred to themselves as an “influencer” in 1991—that’s the definition of a sell-out.

“After writing this book, I’m back in the mindset of ’90s thinking, which is that nothing is worse than selling out,” Chuck Klosterman, author of “The Nineties: A Book,” told Esquire. “Nothing was more embarrassing in the ’90s than trying to convince people to like the thing you made."

Deep inside the heart of almost every Gen Xer is a deep-seated feeling of nihilism. We didn’t trust the corporations that laid off our parents or gutted their pensions in the ’80s. In fact, everything corporate was predatory. We didn’t have a lot of faith in family values because we were the first generation raised by single parents or in daycare. We didn’t care much about politics either. Back in the ’90s, Gen X’s aversion to politics was historic.

Of course, these are all generalities about a generation of nearly about 65 million people, but studies show that there are some definite hallmarks of being a Gen Xer.

According to a generational differences document circulated through the business community, Gen X’s core values are “skepticism,” “fun” and “informality.” They’re described as “self-reliant,” “independent,” “unimpressed with authority” and motivated by “freedom.”

In the young Gen Xer, the culture of the era “instilled a wariness and skepticism, and a kind of ‘figure it out for yourself’ mindset,” Paul Taylor, author of “The Next America: Boomers, Millennials, and the Looming Generational Showdown” told The Washington Post. And with that came a sense “that you don’t have to shine a light on yourself. You’re not the center of the universe.”

But things have changed since the ’90s when Gen X was coming of age. We live in an American culture that is fractured by political partisanship, fueled by a constant culture of outrage, crippled by a preoccupation with technology, plundered by greedy boomers and annoyed by overly sensitive millennials. All of this is happening while we face the greatest challenge of our times, climate change.

The answer to all of these problems is simple: admit that Gen X at one point had it right and if we followed its lead, we could reverse these terrible trends. OK, it might not fix all of our woes, but the way things are going now surely aren’t working. Plus, weren’t the ’90s great?

Also, with hat in hand, I must admit that this message is for Gen Xers as well. Many of us have lost our way by forgetting our disdain for authority and skepticism toward institutions. This is a call for us to remember what we once stood for and to fight back by doing what we do best—staying above the fray.

Gen X, it’s time to strap on your Dr. Martens boots and get back to fighting the “Battle of Who Could Care Less.” It’s time we collectively got our “whatever” back and showed the other generations how powerful dismissiveness can be.

Here are the top five Gen X values that we need to embrace again.

5.  Buying vintage items

Nothing was less hip in the early ’90s than wearing mall clothes. If you had any style you shopped at a thrift store and bought used duds from the ’70s and early ’80s and remixed them into something awesome. If you were into hip-hop or skating you shopped at the surplus store and rocked some super-durable Dickies or Carhartt gear. The mood of the times was totally anti-fashion. These days, we live in a world where fast fashion is killing the environment. By embracing the Gen X value of old-school cool, we can help the planet while looking much more fashionable in the process.

4. Corporate skepticism

In the early 2000s, people fell head-over-heels in love with smartphone technology and social media so quickly that nobody stopped and said, “Hey, wait a minute!” Now, we have a world where kids are depressed, the culture has become divided and nobody talks to each other in public anymore, they just stare at their phones. I can totally understand why young millennials and Luddite boomers would fall for the big-tech ruse, but sadly, Gen X was asleep at the wheel and fell victim, too. The generation that embraced the notion that TV rotted your brain needs to remind everyone to go outside and play in the sunshine or read a book. And if you read a book it should be by Bret Easton Ellis.

3. Just say “whatever”

Two of the most popular Gen X phrases were “whatever” and “talk to the hand (because the face don’t give a damn).” These may seem to be flippant responses but they are the correct way to deal with other people’s nonsense and in 2022, we have to deal with a constant barrage of it.

Somewhere along the way, people forgot that it’s even more powerful to ignore someone than to admit they got under your skin. In the world of social media, we unintentionally amplify the most wretched voices by subtweeting, commenting and liking the posts from the army of grifters fighting for our attention.

We also live in an era where many seem to be addicted to outrage. The quickest way to stop fanning the flames of outrage is with a simple, “whatever.” Like dogs distracted by squirrels, we’ve got our heads on outrage swivels these days. Throwing around the occasional “whatever” gives us the time and energy to focus on the problems that really matter and take action.

These days “whatever” matters more than ever.

2. Bring back snobbery

Good taste used to matter. In the 2000s, millennials decided that people have the right to like what they like and that it’s worse to judge someone’s personal taste than to have bad taste. Gen Xers based their entire personalities on taste and demanded integrity from artists and were rewarded by living in a time of superior films and music. These days, no one listens to new music and we’re stuck in a world dominated by comic book movies because no one stood up and shamed people for liking low-effort culture.

1. ​Political apathy

America’s political divide has calcified over the past decade because more and more people are basing their personal identities on their politics. This has created a culture where the dialog between liberals and conservatives has become a shouting match that only makes people dig their heels in further. It’s also created a culture in Washington, D.C. that has attracted a more debased form of politician and led to the gridlock that has halted any sense of progress. Sadly, Gen X has also been sucked into this vortex.

Things were a lot different in the ’90s. Back in 1999, Ted Halstead at The Atlantic noted that Xers “appear to have enshrined political apathy as a way of life.” He added that Gen Xers “exhibit less social trust or confidence in government, have a weaker allegiance to their country or to either political party.”

Compared to what’s going on in America in 2022, this type of apathy seems welcome. Back in the ’90s, taking a “chill pill” could solve everything. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone took one, and then we could open our ears and hearts and have some constructive discussions?

There was a common lament in the 1980s that the boomer hippies had sold out and became boomer yuppies. They went from being concerned with peace, love and the planet to stocks, bonds and conspicuous consumption. Gen X is now in its 40s and 50s and it’s fair to say that we've moved from being the outsiders to creating technological and political machines that are generating the type of conformity that we once railed against.

Now that Xers are at the age where we get to run the world for a few decades, it’s time to recommit to the core values that make us well … us. The great news is that as Gen Xers, it’ll be easy to get back to our roots because we were raised to ironically love the past.

This article originally appeared on 03.10.22

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Around this time, Ana was feeling well enough to go on her first vacation in years and took a quick trip to Uruguay. Just before she left, Ana received a reservation from a man named "Darko B." for the only unbooked days in July.

“I have always been a big fan of the movie ‘Donnie Darko’ and thought it was a strange coincidence, but didn't think anything of it,” Ana wrote. “I accepted the request, let him know I would not be there for check-in and Fabio would care for him until I was back the following week.”

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This company bridges the gap between farmers and your dinner table

Crowd Cow delivers sustainable, ethically sourced meats right to your door.

Recently, more and more people have been craving a closer connection to the food on their table. They want to know where it's coming from and how it's made. It's no longer just about filling our bellies; it's about nourishing our bodies and caring for our planet. This keen interest has sparked a growing desire for transparency and sustainable practices in the food industry.

Enter Crowd Cow, the brainchild of a group of individuals who asked a simple yet pivotal question: where does our meat come from? What started as a quest for answers morphed into an innovative platform that bridges the vast gap between diligent farmers and conscious consumers. Now, thanks to them, securing ethically sourced meats that align with your values is just a click away. It’s not only a win for you but for small farmers and the environment, too.

A Unique Selection of Meats and Seafoods

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They offer beef that's not just good but genuinely exceptional. We're talking 100% grass-fed cows that spend their days grazing in lush pastures, offering meat that's lean, healthy, and packed with flavor. And if you fancy something a little different, there are pasture-raised options, where the cows enjoy a natural grain diet. Either way, it's all about quality and taste that stands a cut above the rest.

Next, Crowd Cow's selection of heritage breed pork includes renowned varieties like Kurobuta and Berkshire. It’s rich in flavor, straight from farms that prioritize ethical practices across generations of farming families. And don't overlook their natural pork options, a testament to genuine care and quality.

And let's not forget about chicken. We're talking birds that live the good life, roaming freely in grassy fields and nibbling on nature's bounty. These chickens aren't just happier; they are nutrient-rich, brimming with vitamins A, D, and E, not to mention the boost in omega-3s.

You'll also find a treasure trove of seafood options. Whether it's wild-caught fish that bring the freshness of the open sea to your plate or sustainably farmed varieties that support the environment and fishing communities, you're guaranteed a delightful seafood experience.

A World of Wagyu

One of Crowd Cow's most notable achievements is its role as a pioneer in introducing Japanese Wagyu beef to the United States. Wagyu, renowned for its intense marbling, buttery texture, and unmatched flavor, is a coveted delicacy in Japan. However, Crowd Cow's bold vision and unwavering commitment to quality led to the democratization of this extraordinary meat. The company's determination to bring Japanese Wagyu right to your front door has forever altered the American culinary landscape.

Sourcing and Standards

Crowd Cow sources their products from independent family farms and cooperatives around the world. They're not just partners; they are a part of the Crowd Cow family, working hand-in-hand to bring you the crème de la crème of meat and seafood. And it's all hormone and antibiotic-free.

Crowd Cow rolls up their sleeves and takes care of the nitty-gritty stuff like marketing and logistics, letting the farmers focus on what they do best – nurturing their animals and the environment. It's a beautiful friendship that makes the world (and our dinner tables) better, one bite at a time!

Customizable Recurring Shipments

You’re the boss of your own box! Crowd Cow lets you call the shots on your deliveries, including when and how often you want your box of goodies to land at your doorstep.

Plus, you pick the exact cuts and types of meat you want for each shipment. It’s like building a food playlist of all your favorite songs for your dinner table.

And don't you worry about getting caught in rigid plans because changing your mind is no biggie. Whether it's tweaking the delivery date or swapping products, they've got you covered. It’s all about making sure your food vibes match your schedule without a hitch. It’s easy and stress-free, just the way food shopping should be!

Sustainability at Its Core

When it comes to going green, Crowd Cow has it covered. Their packaging is earth-friendly and won't just pile up in some landfill. They use materials you can recycle or compost, which means you're being a superhero for the planet each time you order.

But it doesn't stop there. Crowd Cow works with the farming community, helping them to thrive and keeping the environment happy and healthy. Their collaboration with environmentally conscious producers across the globe ensures that the land, water, and everything around it stays vibrant and bountiful. So, you’re not just getting the finest food but also giving back to the community and the planet.

Joining the Crowd Cow Family

With Crowd Cow, you're never going to be stuck wondering how to cook that awesome cut of meat you just got. They offer tons of cooking resources right on their website. From mastering the art of cooking Japanese Wagyu to whipping up delightful dishes with the freshest seafood, they have your back, making sure you become the superstar chef of your home!

They also offer an amazing referral program where you can share the love (and some yummy goodness) with friends and family. Picture this: you share a special link with your buddy, and they get a neat discount on their first order. But here's the best part: you get rewarded too, with some credit to your account. It’s a foodie’s dream come true, where sharing the love brings joy (and more delightful eats) to everyone involved!

Learn More

Crowd Cow is bringing that future to your doorstep and bridging the gap between you and conscientious producers. It's not just a meal you enjoy; it's a movement towards a more transparent and respectful food industry.

So, why wait? Dive right in and be a part of this flavorful revolution. Visit Crowd Cow’s website, explore the exciting range of products, and perhaps make room in your freezer for your first delivery. It's not just a purchase; it's a pledge towards better, more ethical food choices. Let's eat better together!

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THC is a natural compound derived from cannabis. It is well known for its ability to promote relaxation and ease stress. As a result, the compound has garnered attention as more people seek natural methods to unwind. And a company called Cycling Frog is leading the way by cleverly infusing THC into refreshing seltzers to provide a modern, enjoyable way to experience its soothing benefits.

Cycling Frog isn’t just about selling a beverage; they are promoting a lifestyle of calm and enjoyment. With every can of their seltzer, they offer an invitation to a new form of relaxation. Through their innovative products, Cycling Frog aims to bring a refreshing twist to your chillout routine, making relaxation more accessible and enjoyable in our busy lives.

The Cannabinoid Revolution

The trend of cannabinoid-infused seltzers is catching on, and it's easy to see why. These fizzy drinks are packed with the soothing powers of THC, making relaxation just a sip away. Unlike other cannabis products, these seltzers are light, refreshing, and easy to enjoy, whether you're at a social gathering or unwinding after a long day.

Cycling Frog offers a range of cannabinoid-infused seltzers designed for modern lifestyles. They've taken the traditional route of cannabis consumption and fizzed it up into a fun, accessible experience. With every can, you get not just a thirst-quencher but a delightful way to ease the day's stress. Their seltzers are a testament to how cannabis consumption has evolved to fit into our daily routines seamlessly. It's about enjoying the moment, finding calm amidst the chaos, and doing it in an enjoyable way.

Cycling Frog Variety: Something For Everyone

With several different options, Cycling Frog has a flavor and cannabinoid mix for everyone.

  • Ruby Grapefruit THC Seltzer: Tartly sweet with the perfect amount of citrus.
  • Wild Cherry THC Seltzer: Winner of the 2023 LA Spirits "High Spirits" Silver Medal
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  • Lemon THC Light Seltzer: Only 20 calories per can.
  • Guava Passionfruti THC Seltzer: A taste of tropical serenity in every sip.

Cycling Frog makes sure there's a seltzer for every moment. Whether you're in the mood for something fruity, floral, or exotic, there’s a fizzy companion waiting. Each seltzer has its unique cannabinoid profile, catering to different preferences. It's all about choice and enjoying a tailored sipping experience.

Tasting the Tranquility

Sipping on a Cycling Frog seltzer is like taking a mini-vacation. The bubbles dance on your tongue while the flavors take you on a journey. Whether it’s the tangy kick of Ruby Grapefruit THC or the sweet, floral notes in Lemon Light, each sip is a new experience. And then, the calm sets in as the THC works its magic, helping your muscles relax and your mind quiet down.

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Sustainable and Quality Production

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Stepping into the world of relaxation with Cycling Frog seltzers is like opening the door to chill vibes. Each can is packed with flavors that play a sweet tune and cannabinoids that ease the day's stress.

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