What Do Dry Cleaning, Amphibians, And Descendants Of John Adams Have To Do With Reproductive Rights?

This short film goes to very strange, weirdly hypnotic, and often amusing lengths to explain the complicated history of the fight for reproductive rights. Stick through the whole thing though. It's totally fascinating. To help you through it, here's some key things to look for while you're watching: At 1:20 you'll meet the dry cleaners, at 2:00 you'll learn something about fortune cookies and frogs, at 3:11 say hi to the founding fathers, at 3:45 and 6:00 you'll meet some of John Adams' descendants, at 5:00 there's some sexy stuff about birth control, at 6:15 you'll learn about genetics, at 6:29 there's another interesting fact about frogs, at 7:00 hop in a TARDIS and travel in time to 1973, at 8:00 you'll find out where periods really go, at 9:47 and 10:15 the frogs appear again, at 11:20 the narrator really gets to the point, and finally, at 12:20 the really disturbing stuff is shared. 

What Do Dry Cleaning, Amphibians, And Descendants Of John Adams Have To Do With Reproductive Rights?

For the first time, skateboarding is an official Olympic sport, and after watching the men's and women's street skateboarding events this weekend, our family has decided it's officially a totally welcome addition.

I grew up with a skateboarding brother during the earliest years of Tony Hawk's career, so the sport itself isn't unfamiliar to me. But I've never really followed skate competitions and wasn't sure how it would translate into an Olympic event. As it turns out, there are several things that make it both entertaining and refreshing to watch in comparison with other sports.

For one, let's talk about the "uniform" the athletes wear. As debates rage over volleyball bikinis and gymnastics leotards, here are the male and female skateboarders in long, loose pants and baggy t-shirts. They are the most comfortable-looking Olympians I've ever seen (being out in the humid Japanese heat notwithstanding). They look like they just popped off the couch after watching a movie and decided to go out and hop on their skateboard.

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