Watch How This Woman Plans On Turning Black History Month Into A Drinking Game

Comedian Akilah Hughes has a great idea on how to celebrate (that's right, celebrate) Black History Month.

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In short, keep a couple of bottles of your favorite spirit handy, and take a drink every time you hear about one of these things:

  • Any time anyone mentions Eli Whitney or the cotton gin, you are going to take a shot of gin.
  • "Why isn't there a White History Month?" "Why can't we watch White Entertainment Television?"
  • For every sepia-toned commercial about Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, or JFK, take a shot.
  • When Don Lemon turns his back on his race, take a shot.
  • Any time someone compares Obama, Malcolm X, or Mahatma Gandhi to MLK, take a shot.

  • Any time you hear these words or phrases, take a sip:
    • Affirmative action
    • The race card
    • Police brutality
    • Al Sharpton
    • The black community
    • Disenfranchised
    • Segregation
    • Prefacing any sentence with "no offense"
    • Any numerical estimate for how many people are at a protest

  • Finish your drink any time someone wonders whether MLK's dream will ever be realized.
  • Any time anyone is asked to speak on behalf of all black people, take a shot.

Black History Month is during the shortest month of the year. Anyone playing along with Akilah will be relieved it's only 28 days, I'm betting.

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