Watch A Diner Waitress Explain To A Wall Street Guy How Money Works In America

This is so bizarro that I wouldn't blame you if you started off identifying with the Wall Street guy. But don't worry: He gets schooled on economics by that diner waitress. What I will blame you for is clicking out of this window before the musical portion of this video starts at 5:20.

  • At 0:40, the older guy sets the scene. 
  • At 2:00, the waitresses give us a whole new perspective. 
  • By 3:00, we know who's winning the horse race. 
  • At 4:20, the Goldman Sachs Guy gets embarrassingly honest. (The waitress teaches him something shocking about how money works.) 
  • From 5:00, get a tour of the modern-day blues.
  • Follow the numbers at 7:17 to see just how real this gets.
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