Tyra banks shuts down a homophobic 'top model' contestant in the greatest way.

I love "America's Next Top Model."

(Here are the answers to the questions you're asking your screen: Yes, I've watched all 21 seasons. Yes ... I'm 31 years old. Yeah, I'm gay too, and proud of all of that.)

You'd have to be pretty dense to not realize the fashion industry embraces the LGBT community in all forms. So when one of the contestants from Cycle 21 reveals his deep-seated homophobia, all three judges had to set him straight.


A letter to the woman who told me to stay in my daughter's life after seeing my skin.

'I'm not a shiny unicorn. There are plenty of black men like me who love fatherhood.'

Fathers Everywhere

This article originally appeared on 06.15.16

To a stranger I met at a coffee shop a few years ago who introduced me to what my life as a parent would be like:

My "welcome to black fatherhood moment" happened five years ago, and I remember it like it happened yesterday.

I doubt you'll remember it, though — so let me refresh your memory.

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