Tone-Deaf Anti-Rape Poster Gets Ingenious Makeover By This Week's Internet Hero

There's only one reason rape occurs, and that's when someone decides to commit rape. A Twitter user made that point loud and clear, dropped the mic, and exited the stage like a boss.

Here's the original poster.

And here's what the poster should have said.

via Viral hog / YouTube

Shocking footage taken in Alpharetta, Georgia last Thursday shows a mother relaxing by a pool while her two sons play in the water. The scene quickly changes from fun to frightening when one son warns her about a tree about to fall on her.

"I was sitting at the pool relaxing and reading a book while watching my two sons swim, when I heard a tree cracking and then my son yelled 'Run mom!' so I bolted out of my chair right before a huge tree fell right on the chair I was sitting on," the mother said, according to Viral Hog.

"Our home security camera captured the whole thing!"

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