This Spoof Is Mostly Funny. But Also A Little Bit Super-Profound.

This play on the way drug companies reel us in with promises of better, happier, perfect-er lives is pitch-perfect. Like, "Saturday Night Live" good, if you ask me.

OOooooweeee! Man! Life! Life, man. Am I right?

Sure can be tiring.

We go to work, get stuck in traffic, get paid to keep the world turning, drive home, watch some TV, go buy groceries, hit some tennis balls, get coffee with friends, pick the kids up from practice, wash the dishes, charge the devices, and on and on and on...

I'm exhausted just thinking about it!

Where do folks get the energy to keep up with it all?

It seems like some people are getting extra help?

But what could it be? We're already taking multi-vitamins, 5-Hour Energy, anxiety meds, protein bars, and shots of wheatgrass — what's left to extract energy from?

Just how the heck do we lead such turbo-charged lives?

Well, many, many years ago, science figured out how to extract stored energy from deep within the earth. It's an extraordinarily powerful substance.

Then again ... do we trust that guy?

He describes this wonder product, and it sounds a little too good to be true:

"The secret behind Petrolify is a proprietary blend of hydrocarbons and organic compounds known as petroleum. Every single pill contains literally millions of years of stored solar energy."

Just watch out for those side effects.

Did you crack the case on this parody? We're talking about oil, which powers so much of our contemporary world — and threatens it.

The controversy around energy use often gets so bogged down in qualifiers and comparisons and ideological name-calling. Sometimes it helps to simplify things through an analogy. If oil were a pill our doctors were telling us to take, would we want a second opinion?

This two-minute spoof of a drug commercial makes the point with wit and humor.

Don't just seize the day — seize life!

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