Their parents expected a cute musical, but the cows had everyone cringing.

"Old MacDonald" is one of those classic childhood songs that helps kids learn animals while also giving a hat tip to the importance of farming. But as it turns out, the Old Mac has some outdated and downright sketchy practices when it comes to raising crops and animals.

Their parents expected a cute musical, but the cows had everyone cringing.
Only Organic - New MacDonald - Q2 2015

Check out this adorable middle-school production that brings new meaning to "out with the old and in with the new."

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So what exactly did Old MacDonald's farm look like?

Yikes. What if Old MacDonald got a makeover?

Whoa! This new farm is sounding better already!

Healthy soil, animals roaming free, and fresh produce that isn't covered in chemicals? While it might sound like a fantasy, organic farming can help make it a reality! Maybe it's time to say goodbye to Old MacDonald along with his hormones, pesticides, and GMOs. Not only is organic food better for our planet, it could possibly lead to healthier and happier children.

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Seven years ago, Bill Murray shared a powerful story about the importance of art. The revelation came during a discussion at the National Gallery in London for the release of 2014's "The Monuments Men." The film is about a troop of soldiers on a mission to recover art stolen by the Nazis.

After his first time performing on stage in Chicago, Murray was so upset with himself that he contemplated taking his own life.

"I wasn't very good, and I remember my first experience, I was so bad I just walked out — out onto the street and just started walking," he said.

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