The Story Behind Tampons Isn't Gross — It's Super Fascinating

I guess I had never really thought about where tampons came from. And now? I can't get $32,000 out of my head.

7 Interesting Moments In Tampon History

1. Tampons were invented by a male doctor, Dr. Earle Hass, in 1933, after a trip to California.

But the "idea" of tampons goes back as far as ancient Egypt!

2. A female immigrant, Gertrude Tendrich, formed the first tampon company, Tampax.

3. The patent cost her $32,000.

4. Tampons once faced opposition from ... churches (?!).

5. Tampons started really getting popular during World War II, when women started doing the jobs of men for real.

6. Until 1972, ads for tampons were banned from TV!

This little tidbit was particularly CRAZY to me. That was *so* not long ago!

7. 70% of American women now use tampons.

70% of ladies can't be wrong!

More fun facts in the video below: