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Molly was found tied to a tree by the new owners of the house.

Molly, an adorable, affectionate 10-year-old pit bull, found herself tied to a tree after her owners had abandoned her.

According to The Dodo, Molly had “always been a loyal dog, but, unfortunately, her first family couldn’t reciprocate that same love back,” and so when the house was sold, neither Molly nor the family’s cat was chosen to move with them. While the cat was allowed to free roam outside, all Molly could do was sit and wait. Alone.

Luckily, the young couple that bought the house agreed to take the animals in as part of their closing agreement, and as soon as the papers were signed, they rushed over to check in.

In a TikTok video, April Parker, the new homeowner, walks up to Molly, who is visibly crestfallen with teary eyes. But as soon as Parker begins cooing, “Baby girl…you’re gonna get a new home,” the pitty instantly perks up—all smiles and tail wagging.

“We are going to make her life so good,” Parker wrote in the video’s caption. “She will never be left all alone tied to a tree.”

@geaux75 The people that sold our house to us left behind their 10yr old dog they had since it was a puppy. I was so stressed we wouldnt get the house and something bad would happeb to her. We are going to maje her life so good. She will never be left all alone tied to a tree. 😭😢@roodytoots ♬ Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) [2018 Remaster] - Kate Bush

The video has been seen upwards of 4 million times. Countless people commented on how enraging it was to see a dog treated so carelessly.

“I’ve had my dog since she was 7 weeks old. She just turned 10 a few days ago. I literally cannot imagine doing this,” one person wrote.”

Another added: “The tears in her eyes…she doesn’t understand why they could just leave her, it breaks my heart. People like that shouldn’t be allowed to be pet owners.”

Subsequent videos show Parker freeing Molly from her leash and introducing the sweet pup to her husband, with whom she was instantly smitten. It’s clear that this doggo was both relieved and elated to be taken in by her new family.

Since being rescued, Molly has accompanied her new mom and dad everywhere.

@geaux75 Replying to @ohitscourtney ♬ Lucky Girl - Carlina

“She’s sticking to our side,” Parker wrote. “She won’t stop following us around. It’s so sweet.”

Parker has created an entire TikTok channel documenting her newfound pet’s journey, aptly named “Molly’s New Life,” showing Molly enjoying warm baths, plenty of treats, cuddles…all the finer things in life.

But what Molly seems to enjoy most of all is car rides:

@geaux75 Taking Molly to get a treat! Stay tuned!! #mollysnewlife #goodgollymissmolly ♬ original sound - Mollysnewlife 🐾🐕💗

And in case you’re wondering, the kitty is doing well, too, though it still prefers to stay outdoors.

Molly also has two indoor cat siblings who instantly welcomed her into the family. The video below shows one of them, Joofus, comforting a trembling Molly with kisses during a thunderstorm.

@geaux75 We had a big storm this morning and Molly was having a hard time. Joofus got on the bed and started comforting her. It was the sweetest thing. They got snuggled up and Molly went to sleep. Animals are amazing. #mollysnewlife #petsarefamily ♬ I Won't Let Go - Rascal Flatts

It seems that Molly has gotten the safe, loving home she’s deserved all along.

We know that animal abandonment is fairly common. According to The Zebra, almost 4 million dogs are either given up to shelters or abandoned each year. And still, it’s really hard to fathom how humans can treat such innocent creatures with such blatant disregard when they provide so much pure joy.

Thankfully, there are folks out there like the Parkers who know that taking care of animals like Molly is one of life’s most precious offerings.

Stay up-to-date with the rest of Molly’s journey by following her on TikTok.

This article originally appeared on 5.31.23

Video shows dog refusing to leave neighbor's pool.

Sometimes you just want to go for a dip, especially with how uncomfortably hot it can get in summer. Unfortunately, not everyone has a pool in their backyard, and for most, that would be the end of the idea—but not for a dog named Zepp.

Zepp decided that he wanted to go for a swim, but since there was no pool in his yard, he plopped over the fence into his neighbor's yard to splash around theirs. His owner saw Zepp's extracurricular activity on her security cameras and decided to share on social media.

The video posted to her TikTok account, Errieting, shows the Golden Retriever climbing and sort of flopping over the fence to get to the neighbor's pool. Once on the other side of the fence, Zepp went for a swim, but things got amusing when the doggy-paddling pup refused to leave the water.

Zepp's owner filmed herself trying to get the dog out of the pool, and as soon as she got close enough to grab his collar, he swam away. At one point, he looked like he was mimicking a human by sitting up and using his front paws to splash as if taunting his mom.


escaping into the neighbors pool #dog #goldenretriever #fyp #michaelphelps

Clearly, Zepp had no interest in leaving the pool, and now that he knows he can get over the fence, he will likely make unscheduled visits to the neighbors. So instead of fighting the inevitable, Zepp's mom and the neighbors worked together to do a POV video of Zepp sneaking in for a swim from the neighbor's angle. It's an adorable must-see below.


THE NEIGHBOR’S POV… you asked, we listened. #fyp #comedy #funny #goldenretriever #puppy #dogsoftiktok #dog #funnyanimals #funnydog


People and pups are loving the "so brave" jingle.

A dog mom by the name of Mel might have only intended to soothe her pup with a sweet tune, but it has since taken on a life of its own.

“POV: you have a little jingle for the elevator to hype up your fearful baby,” Mel wrote in the text of her video posted to TikTok.

In the clip, we see Rue, an anxious rescue dog, not having a fun time in the elevator. That is until Mel reassures her with these words:

“She’s so brave; she’s well behaved / She is not afraid / She’s powerful; she’s a good girl / She is our whole world.”

As if by magic, all of Rue’s fears evaporate, replaced only by tail-wagging joy.


@macrosbymel sorry if it gets stuck in your head #rue #ruetok #ruetherescue #dogtok #rescuedog ♬ original sound - Macros by Mel

Since posting the video, Mel’s song has been viewed over 16 million times.

Not only that, the jingle has been used to commend other “brave” souls—be they pets or people.

Introverted humans in particular have found Rue’s song to be a silly power anthem of sorts, a way to congratulate themselves for sticking to social plans, sending work emails and generally leaving the house. For being so brave.


Be brave!!!

♬ original sound - Macros by Mel

One person summed up the effect Rue's song had quite nicely: “POV: you heard this jingle for an anxious dog and now need to play it on repeat before doing anything even remotely social." Relatable.

But it’s not just introverts running with the joke. Other folks have played the song as they bravely went without their favorite chapstick, got up to get themselves a glass of water, actually prepared a meal rather than just snacking…the list goes on and on.


its really tough being so brave at night after i have tucked myself into bed but i am hungry for a little treat

♬ original sound - Macros by Mel

♬ original sound - Macros by Mel

Basically, if there’s an obstacle you have yet to overcome, no matter how big or small, this tune acts as an invocation to bring out your most unafraid self. It’s amazing how just one little song has the power to do that for so many beings.

Now go forth and be brave!