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PeacefulBarb's "7 Things Adult Children May Need to Hear"

Just like there are no hard-set rules for raising children, there is no perfect guidebook on how to be a supportive parent to an older child. As parents watch their kids grow and start their own families, it can be hard for them to navigate the new role they have in their lives.

That’s why Barb Schmidt, who goes by PeacefulBarb on TikTok, shared her list of the ‘7 Things Adult Children May Need to Hear’ from their parents. It’s a great starting point for parents who aren’t sure what their older children need.

Schmidt is an international best-selling author, sought-after motivational speaker, mindset coach and mindfulness teacher.

Here’s her list:

I'm so proud to be your parent.

I'm sorry for any parenting choices I made that hurt you.

I'm here to listen if you want to tell me about it.

You are incredibly precious to me.

I will always love you no matter what.

My life changed for the better because you are in it.

Your worth is not determined by your productivity, job title, or your relationship status.

Tell me about your hopes and dreams for your life. I want to know more about what matters to you.


What's something you wish a parental figure would say to you now that you're an adult?🤔 📝Let me know below… #innerchildhealing #vlog #gentlereminder #awareness #lifeadvice #fyp #communication #innerchildhealingjourney

The post struck a nerve with many who wished their parents knew how to express their support in a healthy way.

"I’m desperately trying to make my mother understand that this is what I need to hear from her. But she doesn’t get it," Clelia wrote.

"This makes me a bit teary because yes, I absolutely want to hear those things and have my parent mean them," Han wrote.