Something Absolutely Terrible Just Happened To The Internet. Here's Why.

2014 is shaping up to be a terrible year for the free and open Internet. A federal court struck down the net neutrality rules that prevent charming companies like Comcast and Time Warner Cable from playing favorites with website speeds. For example: Let's say Comcast's cable division gets tired of competing with Netflix. Without net neutrality, Comcast can slow down Netflix and charge consumers to speed it back up. The ruling was terrible, but it was made possible by a chain of events set in motion years before. In order to really understand why this is happening, we'll need to follow the money.

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A Boston couple moved into a new place the week of lockdown. Here’s how they kept their sanity.

The new litmus test for domestic partnerships? A pandemic.

For medical workers in a pandemic, protecting loved ones can be tricky.

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Bill Gates, billionaire and founder of Microsoft, is pointing the finger at social media companies like Facebook and Twitter for spreading misinformation about the coronavirus.

In an interview with Fast Company, Gates said: "Can the social media companies be more helpful on these issues? What creativity do we have?" Sadly, the digital tools probably have been a net contributor to spreading what I consider to be crazy ideas."

According to Gates, crazy ideas aren't just limited to the internet. They are going beyond that. He doesn't see the logic behind not protecting yourself and others from coronavirus."Not wearing masks is hard to understand, because it is not that bothersome," he explained. "It is not expensive and yet some people feel it is a sign of freedom or something, despite risk of infecting people."

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