Some Medical Bills Make Me Angry. These Make Me Want To Hug A Nun And Cry.

This woman's story could be repeated if Obamacare is repealed. We shouldn't let that happen.

At 0:41, Jini breaks the ice with a much-needed Rihanna reference, and at 1:44 she says that "access" depends on "individual economic circumstances." At 2:45 Jini makes an outlandish claim, and at 3:24 she even goes on to suggest that the ER doesn't, in fact, do much good when you walk in with stage IV colon cancer.

At 3:40, the video gets real sad, although you probably already saw where this was going (thereby making you better at this sort of thing than Governor Romney). At 4:00, she mentions some weird thing called the "Affordable Care Act," which sounds like a waaay better plan than that Obamacare thing I've been hearing about.

At 5:20, Jini says "this is not a matter of political ideology," and it's hard to disagree.