She Wasn’t Violent. Or Suicidal. But They Strapped Her To A Bed And Let Her Suffer For Hours.

Say you got the flu. What if you were taken to the hospital and forced to stay there indefinitely? What if, when you got out, you couldn’t tell anyone you were sick, because you knew if you did, no one would ever take you seriously again?This is Elyn Saks. She's a distinguished law professor, abest-selling author, and she's about to tell you the most fascinating, mostdevastating, funniest, ballsiest story of living with mental illness thatyou've probably ever heard. At 6:30, I was livid. At 8:45, I was slowly nodding "yes." And at 12:20, I was pumping my fist and clapping my hands like I was in thefront row at a Bruce Springsteen concert. Go do this clip right now.