See what happened in a country that didn't put extreme anti-choice lawmakers in check. It's scary.

When extreme belief systems are allowed to dictate our laws, it's not difficult to end up in this kind of situation.

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This is Donna in the Philippines.

Without affordable birth control and without options for abortion care, she must live with the looming threat of what another pregnancy could do to her family or, physically, to her.

And this is Cristina in El Salvador.

She suffered a horrific miscarriage only to be accused of aborting her baby and then arrested and sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Stories like this often break our hearts, but they seem so far away and like they don't apply to us, right? But that's not true. Check out the video above to see where in America we're starting to see scary parallels and where abortion access is being restricted by chipping away at laws and loopholes just a little at a time.

The first step in drawing the line is for American men and women to realize that those horror stories CAN happen here to people they love and even to themselves.

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